Remedy’s mission is to place the individual at the center of healthcare system and to transform the system so it works for everyone.



The healthcare system is one of the most complex systems you’ll encounter, which creates meaningful opportunities to collaborate on solutions.



Each day we come up with new ways to take better care of people through data and analytics, software development, financial modeling, and care delivery.

Transforming healthcare requires the best people in true collaboration.

Members of the Remedy tribe are whip smart and passionate - each a superhero in their own way. They come from a range of backgrounds and bring their unique skills and experiences together to solve one of the most pressing issues of our time.


Meet Our Team

Our team members pour their hearts and souls into the work they do providing unparalleled service to each of our partners, team members and patients. Whether they are new to the team or have been with Remedy for several years, they all have one thing in common: the passion for innovation to change the future of healthcare.

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Corporate Citizenship

Employees at Remedy are proud of the company’s robust corporate citizenship initiatives. Involvement in charitable and service events like coaching seniors to become more tech savvy or  walks and rides to raise money for Alzheimer’s research and cancer survivors  connect to the company’s core mission - to help patients. .

Remedy’s promotional products are fair trade and adhere to the highest environmental standards. Our three green kitchens are stocked with nutritious snacks and  biodegradable products.

Some of the healthy group activities at Remedy include lunch time Yoga, running, riding and walking groups, softball, basketball and climbing teams. Remedy employees enjoy a wealth of health and wellness benefits.

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Every mission has its rewards

Excellent healthcare

Daily snacks

Culture of collaboration

Group activities

Volunteer opportunities

Wellness programs

Great colleagues

Opportunities for growth

Paid time off