Remedy is facilitating the evolution from fee-for-service to value-based payment for health care services. We leverage big data, proven care redesign, practical technology and experience to assure success in rolling out bundled payment programs.


BUNDLED PAYMENTS - in which a fixed price is paid for a wide range of health care services over a specified period of time known as an 'episode of care' - represent one of the primary strategies being used to transition away from fee for service approaches to paying for health care services.

Remedy Partners develops and manages bundled payments programs in partnership with hospitals, physician groups, health systems, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies.

We also help payers, including Medicare, organize bundled payment programs to help manage costs and improve the quality of health care.

Remedy operates the nation’s largest bundled payment program, with 22 live programs and over 500 in development.

Our focus is always to make health care easier for physicians to deliver, more responsive to patient needs and less expensive for everyone.

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Confused about how bundled payments work? Meet Mary and learn what we do.

This video explains Remedy's role from the perspective of a Medicare patient. It introduces the concept "episodes of care" and articulates how care teams across multiple sites of care can collaborate under bundled payments.

Benefits of Bundled Payments

Our products and services for bundled payment programs offer benefits to each stakeholder.


Patients receive better care coordination, improved communication throughout their episode and between all involved parties, more patient resources to help them understand and manage their care, and enhanced focus on safe and seamless transitions of care.


Nurses take advantage of data driven processes to identify and stay connected to the best post acute providers. They work within automated, patient focused 90 day care plans and are provided with the tools they need to stay informed about patient progress in and out of the hospital.


Hospitals benefit from increased revenue through post acute savings and reduced readmissions while also limiting financial risk to the 90 day episode.


Physicians in the program enjoy gainsharing benefits to increase their earnings, as well as take advantage of improved care coordination, useful tools to enhance communications between providers, patients and families, and better access to patient data.

You seldom improve quality by cutting costs, but you can often cut costs by improving quality.