Tim Daley

Director, Partner Development

Interview conducted by Allison Blacker


What is your role at Remedy Partners?

My title is Director, Partner Development on Gene Huang’s team. Early on, I recruited and contracted many of our risk taking Model 3 Skilled Nursing Facilities all over the country. Now I’m responsible for the success of these partners, and I manage the executive level relationships. Therefore, you could consider my role to be Director of Model 3 program. 


How do you define success?

Success is the result of hard work, meeting/surpassing the objectives, and best when shared. Success also requires taking risk. People in organizations that are too risk-averse limit their success. Say a partner helped 1,000 patients but could have helped 10,000 patients if they took a larger risk. In that scenario they are successful, because they helped some patients, but if they took a larger risk, the reward would have been greater. I enjoy achieving my goals with Remedy. We are shaping healthcare’s future and taking educated risks... the reward for taking risk is what I define as success.


If you could pick one theme for Remedy Partners what would it be?

Caring about people. It’s the reason I’ve chosen a healthcare-centered career. Caring for an elder parent has helped me identify what it means to be a citizen of the world. My personal mission is that I like to feel good about doing good. I am motivated to ensure that under our care model people are receiving the best possible care, having great outcomes, and that healthcare spending is done efficiently. That’s a theme I like and support. 


What is your proudest moment at Remedy Partners?

I am proudest of the growth of our Model 3 SNF team. Gene and I built the SNF business enough to have some great and talented people join us. Paige and Jason work as account managers driving change at the SNFs. Karen helps our SNFs to market and grow the bottom line. Carolina is our analyst and supports the whole team.


People would be surprised if they knew…

That there’s a Model 3 business within Remedy. Hahaha. I’ve spent more than 15 years in the healthcare industry and you can call me a road warrior. I used to take over 200 domestic flights a year, it was exhausting. I earned the highest level status on Delta and United at the same time. And I drive a lot. I get 45+ miles per gallon in my Lincoln. When I’m not in the car, or on a plane, I’m in a hotel. The hotel in Connecticut I’ve had the fortune of staying at when I come to Darien, happens to be the same hotel for Maury Povich’s guests. I’ve met hundreds of Maury’s guests and they have very memorable stories and interesting reasons for being on the show. Happily, they usually only stay one night.


What are your hopes for our industry?

I hope that seniors are able to age with dignity and receive high quality care, in the setting where they want to be. Other countries face similar challenges, this is a worldwide issue. In some countries it's the family caring for their elder, but there might not be access to high quality care. There’s a coming wave of baby boomers, we as a young generation, have to find an affordable way to provide quality care.


What advice do you have for prospective Remedy Partners candidates?

We are an environment of highly driven people. An individual with that personality will be successful here. I often think of Steve’s analogy of painting the flying airplane. We are a working so hard, moving so fast, we’re not always going to be given a handbook or a defined process. You’ll be pushed to learn and wear multiple hats. People who are driven and can function without being given a playbook will find it is a very rewarding atmosphere at Remedy. 


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Helping my youngest son, Emmett, build and race remote control cars and playing lacrosse with my oldest son, Liam. I also enjoy sending pictures of my dog to the team from my office in Boston, Massachusetts.