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We help payers to integrate bundles into benefit plans and cost management strategies.


Total Bundle Administration

Total Bundle Administration

Analytics, Reporting and Reconciliation

Analytics, Reporting and Reconciliation

Post-Acute Care Management

Post-Acute Care Management


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Our largest customer is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which operates the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) program through the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. Remedy is the largest Awardee Convener in the BPCI program, with provider Partners across the U.S. The Convener is like a General Contractor for Medicare, bringing health care provider organizations into the BPCI program under our Master Contract with CMS.

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Medicaid and Managed Medicaid

State Medicaid programs are beginning to experiment with episode based financing strategies, similar to the Medicare BPCI program. Whether those programs are centrally developed by state agencies or through contracts with Medicaid HMOs, Remedy can help these organizations build a network of contractual relationships with local and regional health care organizations to launch a bundled payment program. Remedy supports the creation of these programs, manages their development and administers the ongoing relationships and finances of a successful program.

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Medicare Advantage

Remedy’s episode of care programs can be utilized by MA. Plans to address a wide variety of challenges, including:

  • Management of Post-Acute Care
  • Improvement of HCC Scores
  • Member Retention
  • Launch of Bundled Payments
  • Improvement of Quality Scores
  • Lower Costs

Remedy can work within existing provider network arrangements or create entirely new contractual networks for managing bundled payment programs. Remedy’s approach is customized to the unique characteristics of each local health care market. We rely on engaging providers in new ways of working together to closely manage transitions of care and create a successful care team around each patient. Our services can be the Complete Outsourced Solution or payers can utilize elements of Remedy’s Products + Services to achieve targeted outcomes based upon their individual needs.

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Commercial Insurance

Bundled Payments for episodes of care represent a transformative platform for building benefit plans, organizing networks and bending the cost curve for health care services. Bundled Payment Programs for costly diseases and interventions help align health care providers to work collaboratively to achieve improved quality, lower costs and better outcomes. This patient-centric strategy also helps improve member satisfaction and retention.

Bundled Payments are superior to narrow networks as a strategy for delivering greater benefits at lower prices. Bundled Payment programs can achieve larger cost savings than narrow networks, while having a dramatic impact on Member engagement in the challenge of controlling health spending. Remedy can help you design benefit plans that harness the power of bundled payments in your commercial insurance offerings.

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Self Funded Employers

Bundled Payments can be integrated into the benefit designs of self funded employers, to encourage employees and their dependents to take a more active role in managing health care spending. Benefit designs can provide rewards to employees for utilizing Bundled Payment Care Teams who have agreed to deliver a range of services for a pre-determined price. The team at Remedy has also helped design benefit structures that use Episode Allowances, a sort of ‘budget’ inside your benefit plan for certain episodes of care. This creates a powerful incentive for employees to utilize Bundled Payment Care Teams.

Ask us how we can help lower your employee health costs while getting your employees more involved in managing costs.

  • were designed to be customizable and configurable for each payer’s approach, whether government or private insurer
  • Our Episode Connect Software Platform is agnostic to the design of a bundled payment program and the components, such as Care Plans, are customizable

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Episode Connect is the only enterprise software that functions as a complete operating system for managing value-based payment programs. Delivered via web and mobile devices, it is the connective tissue between administrators, nurses, physicians, case managers, patients and families.

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