Data Analytics

Evaluating, developing and operating episode payment programs requires sophisticated analytics. Remedy has assembled a team of statisticians, actuaries and clinicians to deliver the clinical and financial insights necessary to design successful bundled payment programs.


Remedy’s team has extensive experience working with health care claims data and turning raw information flows into actionable monthly claim and quarterly reconciliation reports that drive transparency and performance.


We create comprehensive profiles of how your organization compares to peers in your local market and how you compare to best practice outcomes across the U.S. Our suite of benchmarking tools also helps focus initiatives to improve care coordination, reduce costs and improve quality.


Selecting which bundles to include in your program and determining the level of risk your organization is comfortable assuming is a complex and nuanced challenge. We assure that your organization achieves the proper balance of risk and reward in selecting which bundles to include in your initial bundled payment program launch.


We create a dynamic view of the risks you take on when entering into bundled payment contracts. Our models help inform your decisions about how much risk to take and how to structure your program to achieve optimal financial results.


We produce regular reports that help you monitor and track the performance of your bundled payment program. By aggregating information from clinical data systems (EHRs) and from CMS/Payer claim files we ensure that you’re able to stay on top of your bundled payment program.


We capture and report on paid claim information, shadow monitor CMS calculations to determine accuracy, and calculate all gain sharing distributions. For the CMS Bundled Payment Program, there are a myriad of compliance obligations that require advanced information collection, analytics and reporting.


Becoming a Remedy Partner assures access to advanced statistical and actuarial analytics that help protect the integrity of your bundled payment program.

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