United by a dream

A serious health episode can make anybody feel alone, confused and overwhelmed. We see a tremendous opportunity to unite families and care teams around a patient during and after a hospitalization - when patients are most in need of love and support.

We take this responsibility seriously and constantly remind each other that every patient in Remedy’s program is someone’s mother, brother, father, sister, friend or other relative. Empathy for the challenges patients face after a hospitalization keeps us focused on the important role we can play.

Remedy was founded by a team of people with a long history in developing episode programs. Our team has extensive experience building organizations in the health insurance, health care delivery and information technology fields. We trace our roots to the first ever large-scale episode initiative at Oxford Health Plans in the mid 1990s. Our team also includes executives from HealthMarket, a commercial insurance episode program launched in 2000 that was the first health insurance plan to rely upon episodes to define and manage risk. Those initiatives informed the creation of Remedy Partners.

We believe that successful episode programs require a high level of cooperation between providers, outstanding technologies to link providers and patients, risk management systems that limit downside in taking episode risk, data analytics capabilities to measure and track care and performance, and financial management systems to manage claims and accurately report results. Remedy focuses on each of these challenges and develops solutions that allow our care teams to succeed.


The Wiggins Family - Steve, Matt & Charles - launched Remedy Systems in 2008 and founded Remedy Partners in 2011. They decided it would be more fun to build their dreams together, so the two companies were combined as Remedy Partners in 2012. Now our tribe is growing. We have developed a shared vision for what the future of the health care system can look like and how we can make a difference in people’s lives.

Bundled Payments represent an important advance in the organization and financing of health care services for a patient’s episode of care. Federal and State governments, as well as HMOs and large employer groups, are using bundled payments to accelerate the shift from fee for service to value based payment programs.

Remedy's solutions empower healthcare providers to develop and operate patient-centric episode of care payment programs leading to improved clinical outcomes, lower costs and increased patient satisfaction.