Your Health is Unique, So is our Approach

We always start by listening. Remedy’s services are customized to your unique needs, with the goal of helping you achieve the best possible recovery from your hospitalization. We make sure all the health care providers who treat you are aware of their role on the Care Team, and we support them with a wide range of tools and services so they never lose track of you or your progress during recovery.  


When Remedy and our Partners do our job right, you feel like you have a personal concierge guiding you through the complexities of the health care system.  A Care Manager will meet you during your hospital stay to help you understand all that’s happening during your hospitalization and to guide you on future steps in your recovery. Upon discharge from the hospital, they assure that all your physicians and other providers you may see will be fully briefed on your care needs.


Healthcare is local, but information is global. Highly trained and experienced nurses located in our state of the art innovation centers support our care teams in the field. Our nurses are equipped with your latest /up to date health information, from both your hospital stay and physicians, as they guide you through your episode of care.   They are active members of your Care Team,  providing a customized level of support to meet your individual needs quickly.   Based on your unique care plan,  they will call you during your recovery and take an active role in helping to coordinate the health care services you receive.   In addition to calling you, they remain in regular/real time contact with your health care providers to coordinate a smooth transition from your acute care stay to the warmth of your home.  


Patient Connect™ is a web and mobile App that enables you to stay "on the plan (path)" of recovery. You have instant access to your medical information, educational materials and access   to support and guidance should your condition worsen or require attention.

What can Remedy do for you?


You are automatically enrolled in our program if we have a contract with your health insurer to help coordinate your care.  You should expect a welcome visit from a member of the hospital or your medical team.  In addition to welcoming you into our care, this nurse or case manager/transitional care specialist will conduct a Comprehensive Assessment to determine your specific follow up needs.    This assessment will inform all members of your care team and guide your 90 day recovery plan. This will happen pre-operativley for an elective procedure, or once  you’re admitted to  the hospital for an acute care need. 


We believe the support of your family and friends is a cornerstone of  your recovery from inpatient hospitalization.

Our web and mobile tools empower your caregivers to play an active role in your care. As you wish, they can be invited into  our/Remedy’s HIPAA compliant  and private communications network that forms the basis of shared communication. By enlisting caregiver involvement,  it will be easier to comply with care protocols and medication adherence.  As your dearest advocates, your caregivers can also  provide important feedback about  your status when you are  simply too tired to do so yourself.


We’re entering an era where healthcare is no longer delivered exclusively in a hospital or physician's office.

Through the use of patient monitoring technology as well as in-home therapeutics, physicians and Care Team members can increasingly enable patients to recover in the most ideal setting of all – their home. Remedy enables you to receive care anywhere by connecting Care Teams to the latest technology as well as to in home services, so physicians and patients can confidently monitor and improve  your chances of successful recovery. 


Remedy constantly measures success against specific goals set by you.

During your on-boarding at the start of an episode of care, you’ll develop a set of goals to help define what a successful recovery means to you – in day to day terms, such as the ability to get in and out of bed by yourself or walk without fear of falling in your home. These outcomes are reviewed with your physicians (all of your health care providers) and adjusted as needed . At the end of each episode of care, you’ll provide feedback on your initial  goals. We’ll use this feedback to inform your health care team of the success of your interventions.  We’ll analyze your care and outcomes to guide your future health care and better prepare care teams for future episodes.   With Remedy, you and your experience are an integral/ important part of shaping the future of health care.