Solutions for Bundled Payment Programs


Remedy’s services can be a complete outsourced solution for developing episode-based payment programs, or our Partners can choose from our extensive array of services for the compliment of technical and administrative support needed in their unique situation.


Remedy acts as a true Partner, assuming risk alongside your organization for achieving the financial and performance benchmarks set for your program. Your organization can decide how much, or little, financial risk you are comfortable assuming. We have a variety of programs and strategies to help you mitigate the risk of entering bundled payment or other value based payment arrangements.


Remedy will provide the working capital and much of the risk-based capital to build successful bundled payment and other value based payment programs. We fund expenses during early periods of program development while providers are determining the attractiveness of entering programs established by government and commercial payers.


Remedy has a large network of existing Partners and hundreds more in active development. Our programs represent the lowest cost way for providers to establish a bundled payment program. Our Partners all benefit from sharing the central infrastructure of Remedy’s core offerings, which include:

  • Data Management + Analytics
  • Episode of Care Software Platform – Episode Connect™
  • Care Innovation Call Center
  • Contracting Support
  • Program Administration
  • Online Training

Customized Solutions for Any Payer Contract

Remedy understands that if you’ve seen one Bundled Payment Program, you’ve seen one bundled payment program.  Each state that has launched a Medicaid Bundled Payment initiative has defined episodes uniquely, created their own administration requirements and handle information sharing and transparency differently.  Similarly, there is no single standard for commercial health insurer programs.  Even the Medicare BPCI program was a novel creation that few have followed.

Although Remedy is actively working with a wide range of health care organizations to develop open-source standards for how episodes are defined and administered, we expect bundled payments will implement in various shapes and sizes for some time to come.

We help your organization manage any approach to bundled payments, as our programs were designed to be customizable and configurable for each payer’s approach, whether government or private insurer.  

Our Episode Connect Software Platform is agnostic to the design of a bundled payment program and the components, such as Care Plans, are customizable.  Similarly, our Analytics can accommodate any approach to grouping claims and health care services into payment bundles.