We realize that the best ideas, people and companies to partner with can come from anywhere. We feel blessed that someone has referred you to us, or you’re reaching out to us independently. We’ve started a handful of businesses and recognize that collaborative partnerships are a great way to evolve - so thanks for taking the initiative in this relationship. When we started Remedy there was very little inbound interest, so we were the ones making cold calls, asking for email intros, and generally trying to get others on board with the concept of value-based care.

Now almost everybody in healthcare talks about bundled payments or value-based care, and there are companies large and small shifting their focus to this rapidly growing area of the industry. 

Remedy has grown significantly since we started this adventure in 2011 and we’re now in a position to evaluate partnership opportunities that align with our strategic path. In order to make this process most effective for you and us, we’ve created a partnership evaluation process that can accommodate the rising inbound interest we’re experiencing. Since we’ve been vendors ourselves for a long time, we understand it can be frustrating when a process is not efficient - so we’re taking steps to make this a mutually beneficial exercise that leads to a positive experience on both sides. We will value your time as much as we value our own. 

We approach this process with an open, beginners mind and continue to believe that anything is possible. 

To take the next step, click the below button and fill out our ‘Initial Questionnaire’. Once it’s completed, we’ll get back to you to set up a time for a phone call. 

In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with Remedy so that we can focus our attention on your story when we connect live.