Episode Connect is the fundamental building block on which you can scale bundled payment and value based reimbursement programs. Run 1 bundle or 50, it makes no difference, Episode Connect scales with you. 

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Key Features

Separate views for case managers, program administrators, patients and physicians.

Dynamic Care Team creation and downstream / multi-channel messaging and alerts.

Predictive analytics applied to real-time data to enhance workflows and provide decision support.

Integrated with HL7 feeds from most major EMR systems.

Patient risk stratification and post-acute needs assessments.

Full scale enterprise software capabilities. 

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Advanced patient and population level analytics, including process and performance reports to manage and track progress

Episode tracking; users can easily involve physicians, nurses and care coordinators and facilitate patient engagement.

Disease and condition-specific care coordination plans, dietary and supplement protocols, and episode length of stay guidelines (ELOS) for SNFs.


Bundling engine applies 1,000s of rules and exclusions to create and analyze bundles. New commercial bundle definitions, tests and open source projects. 

The CARL (Care at the Right Location) tool helps find the best next site of care, even service level and frequency.