Intelligent Data Aggregation

Intelligent Data Aggregation with Episode Connect


Episode Connect consumes information across the healthcare continuum. The software harmonizes that information from disparate data sources to enable fast, accurate and measurable high quality care delivery. Episode Connect speaks every language of healthcare data. Our data aggregation platform facilitates seamless access to patient information across care settings giving providers freedom to focus on the human experience. 

The healthcare system suffers from OPFD, also known as Other People's Funky Data.  Remedy’s integration specialists have nationwide experience in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating even the worst cases. Our platform transforms information into actionable, data-driven care improvement. 

We have successfully integrated with every major electronic health record and actively collaborate with other  emerging technologies to support real interoperability.  


Data aggregation setup process


Integrate Episode Connect with your EHR, typically through HL7 transactions. 


Map, translate and cleanse the data from each provider or payer.  


Refine and distribute for clinical and operational process improvement. 

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