Care At the Right Location (CARL)

Care at the Right Location (CARL) Tool

The Care At the Right Location (CARL) Tool is an evidence-based, decision support tool designed to improve inpatient next site of care decisions and transition patients to the optimal next care setting.

  • CARL is embedded in Episode Connect with reporting capability.
  • Developed to be used concurrently with typical, inpatient discharge planning workflows.
  • Designed to highlight the patient information domains necessary to support informed discharge discussions and to select the appropriate NSOC.
  • Case Management should use CARL as a framework that outlines a standard baseline of information they need for discharge discussions.
  • The CARL algorithm takes the input info and generates a proposed next site of care; the results of CARL’s proposed NSOC should be considered in Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) rounds to promote discussion. 


CARL is organized into three domains designed to evaluate the patient’s post-acute needs and identify the optimal next site of care.


1. Independence


2. Therapies


3. Skilled Nursing Services


Assesses patient independence and caregiver availability from PT, nursing and care management entries


Major therapies recommended for the patient in the post-acute phase


Post-acute care needs and services that a patient may require

Example Assessment Areas

Ambulatory Status, Cognitive Status, Ability to Perform ADLS. Capable Caregiver Available


Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy


Venipuncture and injectable medications, IV Medications, Oxygen and respiratory support, Teaching and Training

Evaluation of Remedy Partners Discharge Decision Support Tool 

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