Actionable Intelligence

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With integrated data feeds, Episode Connect provides visibility across all sites of care your patients visit. Know where they are, when they are there and how long they stay. These are not just insights; with Remedy’s Actionable Intelligence, we support forecasting and planning to mitigate risks and identify opportunities.

These tools help you make smart predictions and develop care redesign programs  based on a broad foundation of performance data, historical data and national data.

Actionable insights, not just information.

 We work with the best partners in the country and have learning, research and the ability to deploy new solutions in our DNA. New bundle definitions, payment models and care redesign promise innovations in care everyday.

Episode Connect simply and clearly shows you data across your care eco-system.

  • Where are your patients going?
  • How long did they stay there?
  • What were the outcomes?
  • What was the cost?

In value based models, you are now responsible for all of these questions. Wherever the patient goes in your market, Episode Connect and associated care coordination services are there. 

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